Jun 052018

Nutron  2014 Chestnut Gelding 15 hands

Sire: Arkangel (Palladium X Navitra by Ponomarev)

Dam: Nijmegen (*Arpan X Naakita by Pyatigorsk)

Fancy, very nicely marked gelding with 4 white socks, a star and a snip, Nutron will be a standout in the show ring as a Pleasure Horse and is athletic and handy enough for Working Western disciplines or as a Sport or Endurance Horse. Continue reading »

May 152018

PERCIVAL 2016 Blk. Bay Colt

Sire: Aabsolut (*Princip X Amarilla PR by Maryk)

Dam: Poetik (Pyatigorsk X *Popravka by Nadejni)

2016 Poetik/Aabsolut Colt

Show Quality, Rare Pedigree

Compact, sturdy structure, big black eyes, excellent movement, Percival is a show quality colt with the athleticism and mind for performance! Continue reading »

May 152018

Corentin 2014 Stallion (Arkangel X Chrystal Lace by Opuss)

CORENTIN 2014 Grey Stallion For Sale or Lease to Accomplished Sport or Endurance Rider

Sire: Arkangel ( Palladium X Navitra by Ponomarev )

Sire Line: Latif db 1903 Bay imp. France 1909

Dam: JV Chrystal Lace ( Opuss X Ballet in the Park by Pyatigorsk )

Dam Line: Mlecha ~1845, grey, Desert Bred , Saudi Arabia to Poland 1845 Strain: Kuhaylah Dajaniya

Started under saddle last year and will continue training this spring as weather and time permits, Corentin is ready for the serious rider wanting to compete at the top levels in Endurance, Sport or Working Western.  Continue reading »

Feb 132017
Parados 2012 Bay Gelding ( Navaron X Parade by Palladium )

Parados   2012 Bay Gelding 15 hands

PARADOS        2012 Bay Gelding, 15 hands, excellent Sport, Working or Endurance Prospect

Sire: Navaron ( *Algomej X Navitra by Ponomarev )

Dam: Parade ( Palladium X Proovia by *Pesniar )

  • Lots of bone and substance, nice soft mind with great attitude .

  • Well started under saddle .

  • From a family of High Level Performance Horses in Eventing, Racing, Endurance and Working Disciplines.

Continue reading »

Feb 132017

AABSOLUT    1996 Bay Straight Russian Stallion      

Aabsolut 1996 Bay Stallion ( *Princip X Amarilla PR by Maryk )

Aabsolut 1996 Bay Stallion ( *Princip X Amarilla PR by Maryk )

Sire: *Princip ( Nabeg X Panagia by Aswan )

Dam: Amarilla PR ( Maryk X *Antina by Antey )

  • A.H.A. Sweepstakes
  • SCID and CA Clear
  • Live Cover or cooled semen
  • 2017 Fee $1500 Canadian Funds
  • *Live Foal Guarantee*

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Oct 312011
Paladin BF (Palladium X Nadina by *Algomej )

Paladin BF (Palladium X Nadina by *Algomej )


SIRE: PALLADIUM ( *Arpan X *Panache by Almaz )

DAM: NADINA ( *Algomej X Nijmegen by *Arpan )

Now owned and ridden by Phyllis Madge, Cawston, British Columbia, Canada

Congratulations to Phyllis and Paladin BF on their FIRST PLACE and BEST CONDITION at the recent Rock Creek Roundup Endurance Ride!!! Continue reading »

Jun 262011
*Navaja 1977 Grey Mare ( Aswan X Nemezida by Arax )photo in Russia

*Navaja 1977 Grey Mare ( Aswan X Nemezida by Arax ) photo in Russia


SIRE: ASWAN ( Nazeer X Yosreia by Sheikh el Arab )

DAM: NEMEZIDA ( Arax X Neposeda by Priboj )

Bred by: Tersk Stud, Russia . Imported to U.S.A. 1980 by Robert D. Stratmore, California, U.S.A.


  • Daughter of runner-up Russian Oaks Nemezida, maternal grand daughter to “Queen of Tersk” Neposeda.  Continue reading »
Jun 262011
Protalina 1976 Grey Mare ( Topol X Psisha by Salon )with Robbie den Hartog,Kossack Stud,Holland

Protalina 1976 Grey Mare ( Topol X Psisha by Salon )with Robbie den Hartog,Kossack Stud,Holland


SIRE: TOPOL ( Priboj X Taktika by Taki Pan )

DAM: PSISHA ( Salon X Poklonnaja by Knippel )

Bred by: Tersk Stud,Russia,exported to Holland in 1980 by Jack K.(Robbie)Robinson,Taber,Alberta,Canada,sold to Kossack Stud,Holland,and exported to U.K. in 1996 at the age of 20. Continue reading »

Jun 232011


ARKANGEL 2001 Chestnut Stallion ( Palladium X Navitra by Ponomarev )

ARKANGEL                                       2001 Chestnut Stallion                       ( Palladium X Navitra by Ponomarev )

SIRE: PALLADIUM (*Arpan X *Panache by Almaz)
DAM: NAVITRA ( Ponomarev X *Navaja by Aswan)


  • Arabian Horse Association Sweepstakes Sire

  • S.C.I.D. clear

  • 2017 Fee $1500 Cdn. Funds

  • Live Cover or cooled transported semen

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Apr 172011

*Vienna MBF(*Menes X Pustinia by *Salon) BELARIAN FOUNDATION MARE Chestnut  1982 to 2008  STRAIGHT RUSSIAN

SIRE: *MENES ( Nabeg X Metropolia by Priboj )

DAM: PUSTINIA ( Salon X Ptashka by Priboj)

Bred by: Tersk Stud,Russia imported to U.S. in utero by Robert D. Stratmore

Produced 14 foals by *Naturel,Pyatigorsk,RD Five Star,Pistschio,Palo Flechado,*Emanor and Arsenal.

On lease to Belarian 1990-1991 Continue reading »