Apr 082011
NEXUS 2007 Bay Gelding ( Navaron X Crystal Lace by Opuss )

NEXUS 2007 Bay Gelding ( Navaron X Crystal Lace by Opuss )


SIRE: NAVARON ( *Algomej X Navitra by Ponomarev )

DAM: CRYSTAL LACE ( Opuss X Ballet in the Park by Pyatigorsk ) 

Tall (15:3)gelding,extreme neck and wither,well started under saddle.

Excellent Sport or Endurance prospect.

  7 Responses to “NEXUS”

  1. very interested in Nexus or a horse like him I have always had the smaller arabs as saddle horses and like the picture showing no bridal I am no longer breaking horses just training horses to drive

    • Nexus is a big,solid,athletic gelding ideally suited for someone who wants a larger horse.Bill Calder,our trainer starts all of our young horses without a bit then introduces the bit later.

      • what are you asking for this gelding he looks like he would make a good solid sadddle horse I only tend a few cattle over the summer about 200 paiars and need a solid horse

  2. what is your price for this fine horse I’ve worked with many other horses before and i am looking for horse just like that with a well built body. i have been working really hard to save up for a horse and i need to know how much this horse is.

    • Alexandra,I have tried to send you a personal Message with the info you requested but your computer rejected my message.Is there another email adress??

  3. Sending you a personal message with price and more info .

    • OK thanks for the quick reply. I sent an email back to you with more info.
      I noticed there weren’t any prices in the email you sent.

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